Spanador:Cocker Spaniel and Labrador Retriever Mix

Hybrid Breed

Cocker Spaniel + Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix - a hybrid breed.

The best of both worlds! The Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix is the perfect dog for any family. With the loyalty and intelligence of a Labrador and the gentleness and playfulness of a Cocker Spaniel, this puppy will bring endless love and happiness to your home.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

A Labrador Retriever-Cocker Spaniel mix has a strong, muscular body with a deep chest. They usually weigh between 25 and 30 kg and have a shoulder height of 50 to 60 cm. They have a dense coat that is usually black, brown or golden. Their tails are long and thick, and they have long floppy ears.

Alternate Name -
Origin England - UK
Life expectancy 10 - 17 years
Care requirements high-maintenance - low-maintenance
Activity level average
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix - Such is probably his nature.

A Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix, also called a Labradinger, is a designer dog created by crossing a Labrador Retriever with a Cocker Spaniel. The resulting puppies have inherited the best traits of both parents, making them loyal, loving and trainable dogs that make excellent family pets.

Although Spanadors share many similarities with their parents, there are some important differences that future owners should be aware of. For one, they tend to be more energetic than Labs or Cockers and need plenty of daily exercise to stay happy and healthy. They also tend to be louder than either parent and may bark or whine when they want something.

Labradors are also known to be very food demanding, which can make them prone to obesity if their diet is not carefully monitored. These puppies usually have a large appetite and will beg for food, so it is important to make sure they have a balanced diet.

As for personality, Labradors are usually loyal, loving and affectionate dogs that love to spend time with their family. They can be protective of their family members, but are generally good-natured and friendly to strangers. These puppies are intelligent and easy to train, although they may need a little more patience and consistency due to their high energy level.

If you are looking for a fun-loving, loyal, and affectionate family dog, a Spanador could be the perfect choice for you! Just be prepared to give him plenty of exercise and attention, and monitor his food intake to avoid obesity.

What diseases can occur in Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix.

There are some known health problems associated with the Labrador Retriever-Cocker Spaniel mix breed. These include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts, and allergies. Labrador retriever-cocker spaniel mixes are also prone to obesity. Therefore, it is important to keep them at a healthy weight with a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise.

The coat of a Labrador Retriever-Cocker Spaniel mix is usually short and dense, with a water-repellent outer layer and a soft, insulating undercoat. The coat is black, brown or golden, with a distinctive white patch on the chest.

Fur length medium - short
Fur wavy - flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear - Triangle
Tail fanned out - lang
Anatomy dainty, rugged, massive
Size ♀ 36 - 60 cm
Weight ♀ 12 - 32 kg
Size ♂ 38 - 63 cm
Weight ♂ 13 - 32 kg
Suitable For -
  • Epilepsy

    Definition: Dog has epilepsy if, for example, at least two epileptic seizures occur more than 24 hours apart.

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

    Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a slowly progressive death of the retina in dogs.

  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Elbow dysplasia (ED)

    Elbow joint dysplasia is a chronic disease complex of the elbow joint of fast growing dog breeds.

  • Eye diseases

    Often occur with allergies and intolerances.

  • Overweight

    Often, unfortunately, the dogs very much under excess weight. But the dogs themselves are never to blame!

  • Joint damage

    In some breeds, joint damage can occur later in life, affecting the musculoskeletal system.

  • A Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix is a cross between two popular dog breeds, the Labrador Retriever and the Cocker Spaniel. These dogs are sometimes called Labradors or Cocker Spaniels.

  • Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels have a similar build with a muscular body and a long tail. They usually have brown or black coats, although some mixed breeds may have a combination of both colors.

  • Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels are known for being friendly, outgoing and intelligent. They are often good with children and other animals.

  • Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels vary in size, but are usually medium to large dogs. Males usually weigh between 25 and 30 kg and have a shoulder height of 50 to 60 cm.

  • Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels typically have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

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