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Dog boarding: cost per day and fact check

How much does a kennel or dog hotel cost per day? What is the maximum it can cost and what should I look for as a dog owner when I give my dog away.

Are you thinking about placing your four-legged friend in a kennel? Here you can find out everything you need to know about prices, selection criteria and alternatives to boarding kennels.

There are times when even we dog lovers need a helping hand. And finding the right place for our faithful companion can sometimes be challenging.

Average cost: what do you need to budget for dog boarding?

Generally, dog boarding prices vary from €20 to €60 a day, depending on where you live.

The offers and structures of boarding kennels can vary greatly. Factors such as accommodation type, length of stay and included services play a big role in pricing.

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Additional expenses for dog boarding at a glance

In addition to the daily rate, there are other potential expenses:

  • Food and snacks
  • Travel to and from the boarding kennel (also often a big time factor as an owner)
  • Service costs when your four-legged friend is picked up or brought back from the boarding house
  • Repair costs in case of possible damages caused by the dog
  • Possibly cleaning and blanket fees

How do I find the perfect boarding kennel?

It is not always easy to leave your beloved four-legged friend in the hands of strangers. When choosing a suitable boarding kennel, you should pay special attention to the following:

  1. Trust your instinct
    Do you feel comfortable when you see the place, the caretakers and the other dogs? Does everything have an orderly and loving feel to it, or do you see chaotic conditions?
  2. Is there family connection?
    Depending on your dog's character, he might prefer family interaction at the boarding facility. Check if the boarding house offers different types of accommodation.
  3. Hygiene in the foreground
    Sure, where there are dogs, it can get dirty. But are the sleeping areas and outdoor areas clean and well maintained?
  4. Transparency in costs
    Look for a boarding house that is fair to both you and the operators. Note that quality also has its price.
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What kind of dog boarding facilities are there anyway?

Dog hotels are specialized facilities designed to provide comfortable and safe accommodation for dogs while their owners are incapacitated. They can vary greatly depending on what services and amenities they offer. Here are some of the most common forms of dog boarding facilities:

  1. Standard dog boarding facilities:
    These are often basic facilities that offer basic services like feeding, walking, and a place to sleep.
  2. Luxury dog hotels:
    These facilities offer a higher quality of care with added amenities like single rooms, regular spa treatments, dedicated play areas and even televisions for the dogs.
  3. Farm or country dog hotels:
    Located in rural areas, these hotels offer dogs the opportunity to play on a farm or in a large, open area. It's ideal for dogs that need a lot of exercise.
  4. Family-run dog hotels:
    Here, dogs are often housed in the operator's home and live as part of the family. It can offer a more family and less commercial atmosphere.
  5. Dog hotels with training facilities:
    These facilities offer not only housing, but also training services, from basic obedience to advanced training or even agility.
  6. Dog hotels with medical care:
    Ideal for older dogs or those with health issues. These facilities often have on-site veterinarians or partnerships with nearby veterinary clinics.
  7. Daycare dog hotels:
    These are for daycare, similar to a daycare center. Ideal for owners who need assistance for their dog while at work.
  8. Dog hotels with specialized activities:
    Some dog hotels offer specialized activities, such as swimming pools for dogs, walking tours, or playgroups based on size and temperament.

If you are considering placing your pet in a dog hotel, it is important to consider your pet's needs and preferences and choose a facility that best suits them. Visiting in advance to check out the facility in person is also a good idea.

Where does the dog actually sleep at the dog boarding facility / dog hotel?

In dog boarding facilities, sleeping options for dogs vary depending on the facility, quality and price level of the boarding facility. In general, the following accommodation options can be offered:

  1. Single or double boxes:
    Here, each dog has its own box or shares it with another dog (usually from the same household). These boxes are often spacious enough to move around in, and offer the dogs some privacy and quiet.

  2. Shared rooms:
    Some boarding facilities have larger rooms where multiple dogs can sleep together. This can be good for socially acceptable dogs, but can cause problems for dogs that don't get along well with others.

  3. Outdoor kennels:
    Some boarding facilities offer outdoor kennels, especially in warmer climates. These may be covered and offer protection from the elements as well as fresh air circulation.

  4. Private rooms:
    Luxury dog boarding facilities or hotels sometimes offer private rooms that are designed similar to small hotel rooms, complete with a bed, toys and sometimes even a television.

  5. Family Connection:
    Some boarding facilities offer a more family-like atmosphere where dogs sleep in the owner's home, often in a specially designated room or even in the living room.

  6. Special Sleeping Areas:
    Some facilities offer special sleeping areas for older dogs, puppies or dogs with special needs. These areas are often quieter and may be adapted to meet the special needs of these dogs.

Regardless of the type of boarding, it is important that the sleeping areas are clean, safe and comfortable for the dogs. Most boarding facilities also allow owners to bring their dog's favorite toy, blanket or bed to give the pet a sense of familiarity and comfort during their stay.

If you are considering a boarding facility for your dog, I recommend visiting the facility in advance and checking out the sleeping arrangements in person. It is important to make sure they are appropriate for your dog's needs and temperament.

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How do I get the dog used to the boarding house or dog hotel?

Getting your dog used to a boarding kennel is an important step in making sure his stay is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Here are some steps and tips to successfully acclimate your dog to boarding kennels:

  1. Visit in advance:
    Before you even leave your dog at the boarding facility for an extended period of time, visit the facility with him. This will allow him to get to know the environment, the people, and possibly other dogs.

  2. Short test stays:
    Start with a short stay of a few hours and gradually increase the duration. This will help your dog get used to the environment and routine without being away from you for several days at a time.

  3. Personal items:
    Give your dog a familiar toy, his blanket, or his bed. This gives him a piece of "home" that provides comfort.

  4. Familiar food:
    Even if the boarding facility provides food, it may be a good idea to give your dog his usual food to avoid stomach problems or feeding frenzies.

  5. Detailed instructions:
    Inform the staff about your dog's preferences, habits and any fears. The more they know, the better they can cater to his needs.

  6. Calm goodbyes:
    Say goodbye to your dog briefly and quietly, without much fuss. A long and emotional goodbye can cause your dog additional stress.

  7. Health check:
    Make sure your dog is healthy before you board him. Illness or discomfort can add to his stress.

  8. Regular visits:
    Bringing your dog to the same boarding facility on a regular basis will help him get used to the environment more quickly and easily.

  9. Positive association:
    Reward your dog after his stay at the boarding facility so that he remembers the experience positively. This can be done through special treats, playtime or a walk.

  10. Choose the right boarding facility:
    Every dog is different. Choose a boarding facility that fits your dog's needs and temperament. An active dog may need more playtime and exercise, while an older dog may prefer a quieter environment.

By following these tips and helping your dog get used to the boarding facility, you'll ensure that he's well cared for and happy while you're away. It's always a good idea to plan ahead and introduce your dog to new experiences gradually.

To say goodbye at dog boarding or not?

The question of whether or not you should say goodbye to your dog before he goes to a dog boarding facility is a controversial one among pet experts and dog owners alike. Here are some thoughts on the subject:

Benefits of saying goodbye:

  1. Emotional satisfaction for the owner: Many dog owners (!) feel more comfortable saying "goodbye" to their pet before they leave.
  2. Ritualization: if the dog knows the ritual of saying goodbye and has positive experiences associated with it (for example, if he often gets a reward or treat afterwards), it can help him better understand and accept the situation.

Disadvantages of saying goodbye:

  1. Possible stress for the dog: an emotional or prolonged goodbye can be stressful for the dog, as he may sense the owner's concern or sadness. This can lead to separation anxiety or insecurity.
  2. Reinforcement of separation anxiety: an extended goodbye ritual can reinforce in some dogs a sense of foreboding or a feeling that something "big" is about to happen, which can increase their anxiety.

In most cases, animal behavior therapists and experts recommend a short, calm and unsentimental goodbye. A simple phrase like "See you later" or "Be good" in a calm tone, followed by a quick departure, can often be best. If the dog sees that his owner remains calm and collected, he will likely feel calmer and more secure as well.

It is also important to note that each animal is individual. Some dogs might benefit from a brief goodbye, while others might prefer it if their owners simply leave. It's up to the dog owner to observe their pet's needs and reactions and act accordingly.

Are there alternatives to dog boarding?

If there is no suitable dog boarding facility in sight, consider:

  • Ask friends or relatives for assistance
  • Neighbor swap arrangement: You could ask neighbors who also have a dog for joint support and offer them that you look after their dog and vice versa if it is sometimes necessary. This way you can also support each other free of charge.
  • Maybe the breeder or the previous owner would be willing to help
  • Private dogsitting - someone comes to you and takes care of your four-legged friend there
  • Dogwalker - for regular care

So, for professional help from a kennel or dog hotel or a dog sitter, expect prices between 20 and 60 euros per day. Region and services play a decisive role.

Your dog's well-being should always come first. Maybe he's excited to be with a group of other dogs, or maybe he'd rather stay with Aunt Gerti and her dachshunds?

Get a good idea of the dog boarding facilities in your area. Quick decisions can unfortunately lead to stress and negative experiences for your four-legged friend.

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