Large Anglo French White Orange Running Dog

Large Anglo French White Orange Running Dog Breed description: Character & Co

Large Anglo French White Orange Running Dog



The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange, as the name suggests, comes from France. More specifically, it was developed in the regions where big game hunting was a traditional occupation.


The origins of this impressive dog go way back. He is the result of the cross between English running dogs and old French Bracken. The English dogs brought speed and endurance, while the French Bracken brought their ability to hunt on difficult terrain.

  • 19th century: Systematic breeding began in this century, with a focus on refining its hunting qualities.
  • 20th century: The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange was officially recognized as a distinct breed and gained popularity, both in France and in other parts of Europe.


The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is known for its excellent hunting abilities, especially when hunting big game such as deer or wild boar. Its strengths are:

  • Endurance: this dog can hunt for hours without tiring.
  • Sense of smell: With a keen sense of smell, it can keep track even in difficult terrain.
  • Social Behavior: He often works in a pack and shows good social behavior towards other dogs.
  • Family Friendliness: Away from the hunt, he often shows himself to be a loving and loyal family dog.

However, it should be noted that due to his hunting instincts, he requires consistent training and plenty of exercise. As a pure family dog he would be underchallenged, so ideally he should be kept in an environment where he can pursue his passion, hunting.


The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is an impressive hunting dog with a rich history. For hunters or active families who want to give him enough exercise, he is a great dog.

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Big anglo french white and orange dog, dog standing on grass LARGE ANGLO FRENCH WHITE AND ORANGE HUNTING DOG, MALE STANDING ON GRASS LARGE ANGLO-FRENCH WHITE AND ORANGE HUNTING DOG, PACK OF ADULTS White and orange Great Anglo French Hound
Alternate Name Grand anglo-français blanc et orange
Origin France
Life expectancy 10 - 13 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average to high
FCI group Scent hounds
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Basic personality traits

The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is a dog breed known for its energy, intelligence and enthusiasm. Owners of this breed often speak of their unbridled energy and zest for life, which makes them excellent companions for active individuals and families.

Social Behavior and Temperament

  • Friendliness: these dogs are usually very friendly, not only towards people, but also towards their conspecifics.
  • Adaptability: they are adaptable and get along well with other pets, provided they have been properly socialized.
  • Loyalty: they are extremely loyal to their owners and often show a deep bond with the people they grow up with.

Energy and Trainability

  • Activity Level: The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is a high-energy animal that requires regular, intense exercise.
  • Intelligence: their intelligence makes them relatively easy to train, which makes them good candidates for a variety of dog sports, including agility and obedience training.
  • Stubbornness: some can have astubborn streak, so consistent and positive training methods are recommended.

Who is the Grand anglo-français blanc et orange suitable for?

This breed is particularly suited to active individuals or families who spend a lot of time outdoors. They are also excellent hunting dogs, making them well suited for rural environments. Their friendliness and adaptability make them great companions, but their energy and urge to move mean they are not suited to life in a small apartment.

Important: Without proper management, training and exercise, the Grand anglo-français blanc et orange can develop destructive behavior. It is critical that prospective owners are willing to give the dog the time, energy and attention it needs to live a happy and fulfilling life.

White and orange Great Anglo French Hound, male Grand Anglo French White and Orange Hunting Dog or Grand Anglo Francais Blanc et Orange, Male Standing in Field Big Anglo French white and orange dog, dog that smells grass

Care requirements

Grooming of the Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is relatively uncomplicated.

  • Coat Care: His short, dense coat should be brushed weekly to remove dead hair and keep the skin healthy.
  • Ears: It is important to check the ears regularly for signs of infection or parasites, as they can be prone to ear problems.
  • Teeth: Regular dental cleaning is recommended to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

Health Considerations

  • Robust health: the Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is generally a healthy dog, but like all breeds, it can be prone to certain health problems.
  • Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia can occur, so regular veterinary examinations should be performed.
  • Eye Disease: Some specimens may suffer from hereditary eye diseases.

It is recommended to choose a responsible breeder who prioritizes the health of their breeding stock and performs regular health checks.

Breeding information

If you are considering breeding a Grand anglo-français blanc et orange, it is important to be fully informed about the breed and aware of the responsibilities involved.

  • Breeding Control: Breeders should test their dogs for known health problems and include only the healthiest animals in their breeding programs.
  • Guidelines and Standards: There are specific breeding guidelines and standards set by breed associations to ensure the purity of the breed and the health of the puppies.
  • Puppy Care: It is important to provide puppies with sound basic training and socialization to ensure they grow into well-adjusted, healthy adults.

The breeder's responsibility does not end with the sale of a puppy; it is critical to provide support and guidance for the life of the dog.

Large Anglo French White and Orange Dog

One of the most striking features of the Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is its glossy coat. This has a short, dense texture that effectively protects against the elements.

  • Color: As the name implies, the coat consists of a white base color combined with orange patches or markings. This patterning can vary and ranges from larger patches to smaller markings scattered over the body.
  • Low Maintenance: Despite its density, the coat is low maintenance and only requires regular brushing to remove dead hairs and maintain its luster.

Build & Size

The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange is characterized by a strong yet elegant build.

  • Size: On average, males reach a height of 60 to 70 cm and females range from 58 to 65 cm .
  • Weight: Weight varies according to the sex and health of the dog. Males usually weigh between 30 and 36 kg, while bitches are lighter and weigh between 28 and 34 kg .

This dog breed stands out for its combination of powerful appearance and elegant look. The Grand anglo-français blanc et orange has a natural charisma that is emphasized by its imposing size and the striking colors of its coat. Ideal for those looking for an impressive yet easy to groom companion.

Fur length short
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail lang
Anatomy strong
Size ♀ 60 - 70 cm
Weight ♀ 28 - 32 kg
Size ♂ 60 - 70 cm
Weight ♂ 28 - 32 kg
Suitable For -
White and orange Great Anglo French Hound, male
Grand Anglo French White and Orange Hunting Dog or Grand Anglo Francais Blanc et Orange, Male Standing in Field
Big Anglo French white and orange dog, dog that smells grass

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