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Dog Guide 25.04.2020

Dog names for males

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The search for the right dog name

It happens out of love at first sight or is weighed long and well: the acquisition of a dog. When you get a dog into your house, there are a lot of things to consider and prepare so that it can feel like a member of the family in its new home. This includes finding a suitable name that you like and that the dog will respond to. Dog names, like baby names, are subject to trends and frequently changing popularity. However, your new companion should listen to it for the rest of his life.

Dog names for males

Sometimes you can tell by looking at your new family member what his name will be. Names like Rex or Hasso have long been out of fashion, but even the popular names of recent years have in common to be short and concise. At best, a name should not only appeal to you, but also suit the character of the animal. Max or Rocky might suit a cheeky daredevil well, while a gentler dog might be more of a potential Baloo or Paul. You'll notice how useful a two-syllable name is when you need to call your dog to you quickly. Finally, choosing the right dog name is also important because you will hopefully spend many years with your new friend.

Ranking dog names males

Animal insurers and also animal protection organizations like TASSO e.V. regularly determine rankings of the most popular names.

In the past years the boy dog names these were:

  • 1. Balu
  • 2. buddy
  • 3. Charlie
  • 4. Mailo
  • 5. Rocky
  • 6. Bruno
  • 7. Lucky
  • 8. Sammy
  • 9. Sam
  • 10. Max
  • 11. spike
  • 12. Jack.
  • 13. Benny
  • 14. Paul
  • 15. Brutus
  • 16. Oskar
  • 17. Ben
  • 18. Carlos
  • 19. Tyson
  • 20. Bobby
  • 21. Chico
  • 22. Paco
  • 23. Moritz
  • 24. rambo
  • 25. dino
  • 26. Benji
  • 27. Finn
  • 28. Hunter
  • 29. Nemo
  • 30. Ludwig

Dog names males extraordinary

Sometimes it happens that on a meadow three Mailos romp with two Balus. Therefore, if you are looking for a more unusual name for your male dog, you might like the following suggestions for dog names males:

  • 1. bad boy
  • 2. burrito
  • 3. chaos
  • 4. dino
  • 5. tango
  • 6. turbo
  • 7. bubbles
  • 8. bandit
  • 9. yeti
  • 10. Stray
  • 11. bailey
  • 12. Tasso
  • 13. Caesar
  • 14. Picasso
  • 15. Pluto
  • 16. Cooper
  • 17. jumper
  • 18. Quincy
  • 19. Zeus
  • 20. Sultan
  • 21. Baxter
  • 22. Othello
  • 23. Clyde
  • 24. Castor
  • 25. Filou
  • 26. Zorro
  • 27. Festus
  • 28. Duke
  • 29. Louis
  • 30. sausage
dog names male

Memorable dog names for boys

Whatever you decide, it's important that your dog quickly remembers and responds to his new name. That's why particularly memorable names end with a vowel, such as Mailo or Buddy. If you still want to choose an exotic polysyllabic name, it is advisable to get your dog used to an abbreviation. In case of emergency he will react faster to a sharp Albi than to Alberich. You should also avoid using words from your everyday life that have been modified into names, as this could only confuse the dog unnecessarily.

If you would like to go into more detail about popular dog names for males, you will find further suggestions under Wunschhund.

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