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5 tips against dogs tartar

Today on dogbible dog blog we show you 5 tips against tartar in dogs.

Tartar in dogs - 5 tips against tartar in dogs

As humans, we brush our teeth two to three times a day and also go to the dentist every six months for checkups. In general, we take dental hygiene very seriously. You should not forget about dental hygiene for your dog either. As a rule, the smaller the breed of dog, the more attention should be paid to the teeth. Not because small dogs are generally more susceptible, but because the often different diet on the teeth of the four-legged can form faster tartar, plaque and Co. Also, certain breeds pant much more than others. This results in a low saliva flow. This also favors the formation of tartar. This also affects small to medium-sized dog breeds with short heads and short muzzles.

Other causes of tartar formation in dogs

Tartar formation in the quadruped is caused by:

  • Mineralised dental plaque
  • Calcium salts, which harden
  • Dental plaque caused by sugar and carbohydrates
  • Malformation and too little abrasion

Tartar in dogs is caused by mineralized plaque. If the teeth are not cared for regularly, numerous layers are deposited on top of each other, which later harden. The tartar itself is not only unsightly to look at, it can also cause severe problems and pain for the four-legged friend.

Once a layer has formed on the teeth from the lime salts, it becomes easier and easier for the tartar deposit to multiply. This is because the surface is rough and hard and new plaque can easily attach itself to it.

Remains of food, saliva components, cells of the mucous membrane of the animal, germs and bacteria start the tartar formation. It usually starts with the dental plaque, also known as plaque. Due to the mineral salts in the mouth of the animals, this hardens in a very short time and it comes to the unsightly discoloration on the otherwise snow-white teeth.

Sugary food and also food which does not offer any tooth abrasion additionally promote the formation of tartar. Even if the dog has a malocclusion of the dentition, it can come to this formation on certain teeth, because here simply no abrasion happens.

clean away tartar from dogs

Symptoms of tartar formation and diagnosis of tartar formation

You will first notice a slightly yellowish plaque on your four-legged friend, but this can quickly turn brown or even orange. Even if you run your finger over the tooth of the animal, this coating is noticeable.

It is also possible that you notice a strong bad breath in your fur noses. In this case, you should immediately check the teeth of the animal.

The gums can also become inflamed, pockets can form in the gums and the gums can even bleed. Usually in this case the plaque cannot be scraped off easily. In this case, it is best to take your beloved dogs to the vet immediately.

Tartar control at the vet dog

Therapy and prevention of tartar formation in dogs

Tartar removal can only be performed by a veterinarian. Often the animal has to be put under anaesthesia for this. If this is not done, this tartar deposit can push the gums back strongly and in the worst case it can also lead to tooth loss.

In any case, it is painful and uncomfortable for the animal. The bacteria that collect in the pockets of the gums can cause severe inflammation. Pus can even leak from the pockets if the inflammation is severe, and fistula formation can occur.

It would therefore always be a good idea to also take out dental insurance for your four-legged friend. This is very favorable with many insurance companies. However, a tartar treatment can become very expensive in the case of the cases.

Preventive helps only to brush regularly teeth and to provide also for a kind-fair nutrition. Make sure that your animals get only high-quality food without added sugar. You can use a soft toothbrush or a special toothbrush for dogs and a toothpaste for animals. The teeth should be cleaned every day. Also special, tooth-care chewing bones are absolutely recommendable.

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