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Dog ownership tips 24.09.2020

Lake Garda with dog - Dog runs, Bathing place for dogs, Dog beach on Lake Garda

Sissi by Sissi, Sissi has been a blogger since 2014, got on the dog in 2018. Since then, she struts her 10000 steps through the world every day with Loki. The Beagdor (Labrador-Beagle mix) is a therapy dog for children and also accompanies her to schools. Secretly she fancies a French Bulldog as a second dog.

Lake Garda with dog

The main holiday season is in full swing, in the corridors of the company you hear calls like "And, where are you going?" and you yourself are full of anticipation for the next trip. So that you as a dog owner do not have to do without your beloved four-legged friend during your vacation, there are more and more destinations where he is also welcome.

One of these destinations is in beautiful Italy. Lake Garda with a dog makes both your human and dog's heart beat faster: great holiday apartments, romping around on the dog beach, magnificent nature for extensive hiking and pleasant Italian flair.

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Accommodation: Holiday apartment on Lake Garda with dog

Numerous providers of holiday apartments now offer the possibility to bring your dog. And not only that, in some of them the dog is almost more warmly received than the master or mistress behind the leash. But what makes the dog happy also makes the owner happy.

Popular holiday homes for affordable money are for example:

  • B-nove in the Villaggio Navene Residence near Navene.
  • Chianti near the village of Pieve
  • La casa di Edone in Monzambano

While regions for example in and around Malcesine and Peschiera del Garda are well visited especially in the high season, places like the ones where the above mentioned holiday apartments can be found are real insider tips. Here you can end the days with a good glass of wine, while the dog can romp freely. A holiday apartment on Lake Garda with a dog in more tranquil places is therefore doubly worthwhile - for you and for the animal!

Lake Garda with dog

The perfect dog beach on Lake Garda

Of course, dogs are generally allowed on Lake Garda. However, there are actually extra areas and shore regions where your four-legged friend can romp around without disturbing tourists or other animals. The dog beach at Lake Garda offers dogs special freedoms.

Nice places to go are for example:

  • Manerba del Garda - Fido Beach: this dog beach offers plenty of shaded areas and dog bowls, in addition to a dog swimming school.

  • Toscolano Maderno: This beach is free of charge and offers 700 square meters of space for romping as well as a kiosk. So also masters and mistresses get their money's worth.

  • Salò: This dog beach is a part of the public beach and with 500 sqm it is one of the smaller ones. Since also here the entrance is free, a visit is nevertheless worthwhile.

  • Peschiera del Garda - Bracco Baldo Beach: With more than 1000 sqm the dog beach near Peschiera is one of the biggest. Beside beautiful bathing possibilities for the four-legged friends, the nature offers numerous possibilities for beautiful walks and restful hours. (FAVORITE of our LOKIS)

Surely you will find a dog beach near your accommodation, because Lake Garda is full of them. Just have a look here.

Holiday at Lake Garda with dog - you will thank it!

The bottom line is that Lake Garda is definitely worth a visit. Whether only a few nights or one/two weeks, you and your darling will certainly not be bored. A tip for the end: Have a look at the numerous walking and cycling guides in your favourite bookshop. Many routes - whether on foot or by bike - are also or especially suitable with animal company.

Banner: Shutterstock / Bogdan Sonjachnyj
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