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Silver Labrador - buying, breeders and information

Silver Labrador is a very special breed of retriever and the coloring is especially sought after. All the info for buying a silver Labrador, we give you today in the dogbible blogpost.

Silver Labrador in portrait - everything you need to know about this special dog

A Labrador Retriever is a very well-known dog breed and is especially popular with beginners and with families. This dog breed has made it so far up the popularity rankings because it is a true all-rounder.

For example, the Labrador - whether silver, brown, black or blond - can be described as particularly affectionate, easy to train, eager to learn and family-friendly. He loves to play with children, is careful in dealing with senior citizens and enjoys "working life". So the Labrador is used as a therapy dog, he is a working dog at the rescue, he is a companion dog of teachers and other educators at school and even serves as a guide dog.

A silver Labrador is indistinguishable from any other color. The character is the same. Mostly the silver Labrador is from the show line - because for this the color is bred extra and therefore not so much attention has to be paid to the characteristic expression, but more to the appearance.

Sometimes people call silver Labradors also charcoal - but strictly speaking these are two different colourings.

Silver Labrador

Difference Charcoal and Silver Labrador

The difference is due to one small thing. Both colorations come from a certain gene called the dilute gene. This gene lightens a coloration. So for example a brown Labrador colour becomes a Silver Labrador and also a black Labrador becomes a Charcoal Labrador by adding this lightening gene - and finally the third basic colour Blond/Gold becomes the colour Champagne.

Silver Labrador becomes silver first through gene

Buying a Silver Labrador

If you actually decide to buy a Silver Labrador, then you should be aware that just above-mentioned gene manipulation must be made in the breeding. In principle, diseases should not come out with the coloring and the gene modification. However, there are some studies and proofs that just brown Labradors die earlier than other coloured Labradors and therefore also the silver Labrador is endangered to show a younger mortality.

In fact the dilute gene is not to be confused with merle or other gene manipulations. There is also no change in character - it is just a change in the color of the dog.

Silver Labradors are bred since approx. 30 years with beginning in the USA. From there, the silver retrievers were imported to Germany, where there are now also breeders who have specialized in this breed. These exist only since 2005.

Beware of silver Labrador breeding - do not buy mixed breeds

From time to time there is probably also fraud - because especially silver and charcoal Labradors are very popular. For example, untested breeders sell fake papers of mixed breeds. For example Labradors are crossed with Weimanrans. So beware of such a fraud - the papers must be carefully checked.

It is also important to know that FCI does not recognise silver Labradors as a true colouring of a Labrador Retriever, so you can check your papers carefully to see if there is any mention of such a confirmation.

Silver Labrador puppy

What does a silver Labrador cost at the breeder?

Such an animal, with this special color costs usually the double of a normal race dog. So you can calculate with a silver Labrador with 2500Euro and more, if you get him from a certified breeder as a puppy, with official papers and proofs about pedigree and health certificate.

But you should also pay attention to this, if you already decide for a breeding dog.

To find a serious breeding, you should search on Google and also Facebook groups about Labradors are very helpful for this. There you can ask in the forum where others got their Labi from and which breeding they recommend and why. Personal experiences are always the most important thing. After that you can get an impression with your own eyes.

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