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Dog ownership tips 04.02.2021

Annual check-up at the vet: you and your dog should be prepared for this

Johann by Johann, Johann has been a dog dad since 2018 and a dog fan since 1986.

Prevention is better than cure - the annual check-up with the vet

You have a four-legged friend or are thinking about getting a dog? In addition to keeping your dog in a species-appropriate manner and giving it lots of time and love, you need to make a note of the annual vet check in your calendar, because many illnesses can be combated if they are detected and treated in good time.

Animal health requires care: Check-up at the vet 1x yearly?

Grooming is more than feeding, brushing fur and cleaning paws. Good grooming means paying special attention to the health of your pet. Before you visit the vet, you probably ask yourself what you and your dog can expect at the practice. In the course of the annual check-up, the attending veterinarian will examine

  • the general behaviour of your dog
  • Skin and coat
  • eyes
  • Teeth
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Mucous membranes
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Heart function
  • Movement
  • Parasite prevention
  • weight control and carries out the important
  • dog vaccination.

As your dog ages, you should schedule the vet visit twice a year and also have a blood test to check your dog's organ function. The cost of the check-up vet visit for the dog is about 150Euro. If you add a worming and a blood test, it can quickly be over 200 Euros. Vaccinations also cost extra.

Vet check dog, Cost of vet, Annual health check dog

Dog vaccination according to veterinary recommendation

The best thing is to combine the regular health check with the vaccination appointment. Vaccination, as with us humans, is a preventative measure to avoid serious illnesses, from distemper to rabies. If your dog goes travelling with you, a rabies vaccination and the EU passport are mandatory. Since 2004 there is the new passport, in which not only the identification of your dog and the rabies vaccination are noted, but all vaccinations of your animal. Thus the EU passport replaces the vaccination passport used in the past.

What can your dog expect at the vet?

Besides the examinations, vaccinations and preventive measures, your dog will experience many new and exciting things. Often even the transport to the practice is a challenge, because some dogs do not like to go by car. A strange environment, strange people and lots of smells and animals in the waiting room, some dogs love the adventure, for some dogs the vet visit just means stress.

How to help your dog

Get your dog used to the vet's examination handles when he is still a puppy. This will reduce stress later on. Open your dog's mouth slightly, stroke his ears, feel his belly. If your pet shows discomfort, stop the exercise. Reward each successfully completed exercise with lots of praise and a treat.

Why don't many pet owners have their dog's health checked?

Unfortunately, there are still many dog owners who are unaware of the importance of an annual vet visit. Often, you don't take your dog to the doctor's office until symptoms of the disease are already present. One reason for this is the veterinary costs. By taking out insurance for dogs, you can protect yourself against high veterinary costs. You have to differentiate between liability insurance and insurance for dogs in case of accident and illness. Depending on the insurance and the insurance cover, you will usually be reimbursed between three and five thousand euros in veterinary costs per year. Many providers not only insure simple treatments, but also operations and even the annual check-up of your dog is included in the contract.

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