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Dog Health 25.04.2020

Tick Spot on Protection for Dogs: Frontline - is it good?

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Tick protection for your four-legged friend is becoming increasingly important. Depending on the region, protection is even necessary all year round. These arachnids are active from + 8 °C. This means that in mild winters, pets must also be protected during the "cold" season. Unfortunately, not all dog lovers know this yet. The general opinion that only between spring and autumn this parasite is active is unfortunately no longer correct.

Tick protection for dogs: Frontline Spot On

There are many ways to protect your dog from ticks. The opinions of dog owners differ greatly. Many swear by natural tick protection. Others want to protect their pelt-nose with chemical means. In any case, it is important that the tick protection dog must be effective. You want to protect your pet from infection. The application of spot-on preparations is also easy to handle.

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Tick and Flea Spont on Protection named Frontline

The most well-known product in the spot-on preparations category is Frontline. This product is popular with dog and cat owners alike.


Frontline contains the active ingredient fipronil. This ingredient kills arachnids (ticks) as well as fleas. This property makes it an acaricide as well as an insecticide. Ideally, parasites should be killed on first contact with fur or skin. Frontline cannot prevent the first contact. The product has no repellent effect. Depending on the situation, the bloodsucker can become active. But at the latest then the deadly active ingredient for arachnids and fleas is absorbed.


The spot-on preparation is available in different variations. When buying, you must consider the age and weight of the dog. Frontline is suitable for dogs weighing 2 kg or more. In addition, the four-legged friend should already be 8 weeks old before the first application.

The active ingredient is not dangerous for young dogs. Frontline is also safe to use on pregnant and lactating bitches.

In order for the fipronil to develop its active ingredient, the dog must not be bathed for two days before and after application. The preparation is applied to the dog's skin in the shoulder and tail root area. The duration of effect is estimated at four weeks. Partly there are experiences that the period can be shorter.

Possible side effects when using Spoton tick remedy for dogs.

The most important thing to remember when using Frontline is that the active ingredient is toxic to fish and other organisms in the water. Do not allow your furry friend to bathe in lakes, rivers, or streams while it is effective. Possible side effects in your dog may include:

  • Hair loss and itching in the application area.
  • diarrhoea and vomiting due to the active substance
  • neurological disorders are rare


  • easy handling
  • effective for 4 weeks
  • suitable for breeding bitches
  • suitable for puppies from 8 weeks
  • no danger for cats in the dog household
  • protection against flea infestation


  • two days water ban before and after application
  • toxic effect on fish and other organisms in the water
  • side effects due to the application

Explanation: We are not doctors! Please always consult a doctor if you are not sure!

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Frontline is a good protection against ticks and fleas on your dog. The disadvantages and side effects are limited. More information about the problem of tick infestation in dogs can be found at:

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