Weshi:Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier Mix

Hybrid Breed

Shih Tzu + West Highland White Terrier


Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier mix - a hybrid breed

The Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier are two popular hybrid dog breeds. These two breeds are often referred to as 'Shigi' or 'Weestie'. These dogs are very affectionate and playful, which makes them perfect for beginners. They are also persistent and tend to be energetic. Both breeds are also excellent guardians, which means they will protect their homes and families from danger. Shigis are usually very fond of the outdoors and love to play and hike. Weesties also like to be outside, but sometimes they prefer to just sleep and relax. Although both breeds have a lot of energy, they tend to be very affectionate so they are easy to train. Overall, Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terriers make excellent pets and will be loyal companions to all families.

Alternate Name Shigi, Weestie
Origin Tibet - Scotland
Life expectancy 10 - 16 years
Care requirements high-maintenance
Activity level low - average
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier mix - Such is probably his nature.

The Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier mix breed, known as Shwestie for short, is a loyal and affectionate dog breed that is considered to be very child-friendly and playful. They are known for their even-tempered and friendly personality that makes everyone feel welcome. They are very attentive and focus entirely on their owner, which means they want to spend a lot of time around people. Their love for all family members makes them a great addition to the household.

The character of a Shwestie is lovable and friendly. They are very outgoing so they accept new people, places and environments easily. They are very loyal and faithful, which means they will always follow their owners*. Although they are not as active as some other dog breeds, they still like to go for walks and are happy to get any opportunity to exercise.

Keeping a Shwestie is fairly simple. They need regular brushing and training sessions to keep them well behaved. They require a lot of attention and affection as they have a very affectionate nature. A Shwestie will also need to go through regular check-ups at the vet to make sure they stay healthy.

Due to their affectionate nature and low need for elaborate care and maintenance, the Shwestie is a perfect companion for those looking for a more compact dog breed. They are ideal for families as well as all ages, as they have an extremely friendly nature.

What diseases can occur in Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier mix.

Shih Tzu West Highland White Terrier mixes are a popular hybrid dog breed that has grown in popularity in recent years. Although most of their combined ancestors are healthy and long-lived dogs, there are some known diseases that Shih Tzu West Highland White Terrier mixes can be susceptible to.

One of the most common health problems involves the eyes. Both ancestral breeds are prone to eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, cataracts and retinopathy. Owners should allow regular eye exams to diagnose and treat these conditions early.

Other potential health risks include respiratory disease and breathing disorders. While Shih Tzu West Highland White Terrier mixes do not usually have respiratory problems, it is important to have regular checkups and tests to check the air quality in the dog's room.

Back problems sometimes occur due to abnormal spinal shapes, arthritis or muscle damage. Regular physical therapy exercises should be performed for any Shih-Tzu West Highland White Terrier mix to prevent back problems.

Skin conditions are also common, especially in older dogs. Inherited conditions such as allergies, eczema and fungal infections can occur at any age and can cause allergic reactions. Owners should perform regular veterinary checkups to detect and treat allergy symptoms early.

In addition, Shih Tzu West Highland White Terrier mixes are often prone to periodontal disease. Therefore, owners* must perform regular dental care to prevent inflammation of the teeth and inflammatory diseases in the mouth.

Overall, the Shih Tzu West Highland White Terrier mix is a healthy dog breed, but as with all other hybrids, owners should perform regular medical exams and tests to detect and treat the conditions early.

A Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier mixed breed usually has a thick, soft and long haired coat. It is usually white with brown or black patches. The head and ears are usually black. The coat of the animal is very demanding, but should be brushed several times a week to keep it clean and well-groomed. In addition, the hair should be treated with special shampoos and balms to keep the coat healthy.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

A Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier mix breed is on average 25 cm high and weighs about 3 kg. She has a soft, curly coat, mostly white and black, and a long mane on her head. Her head and tail are full of curls, and her ears and back are cropped short. Her eyes are round and deep brown and her body is stocky and muscular.

Fur length medium
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear - Standing Ears
Tail rolled up - short
Anatomy rugged, rugged
Size ♀ 20 - 28 cm
Weight ♀ 4 - 7 kg
Size ♂ 20 - 28 cm
Weight ♂ 4 - 10 kg
Suitable For Beginner, Seniors, Children
  • Eye infections

    Chronic eye infections can be very painful in dogs and can be treated with medication. In rare cases, the cornea must be treated.

  • Breathing problems

    Dogs with shortened muzzles can often experience respiratory problems.

  • Patellar luxation

    Patellar luxation is the term used to describe a displacement of the kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs.

  • Knee injuries

    Some breeds, unfortunately, especially suffer from knee injuries of various kinds.

  • Denture malocclusions

    Malocclusions of the dentition often occur in dogs with short muzzles.

  • Patellar problems

    Problems with the Patellar can be a displacement or weak kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs, also because of overweight.

  • Tartar

    If dogs don't get a good food or sugary food, tartar can quickly appear.

  • The mixed breed is characterized by a gentle, friendly nature and strong attachment to people. They are energetic, curious and very playful.

  • This breed requires regular grooming and should receive professional grooming at least every two months. It is necessary to take into account the type of coat of the breed and apply the appropriate manicure and brushing methods. Regular bathing also helps to keep the dog's skin clean and healthy.

  • This breed can have different sizes, depending on whether the parents were larger or smaller. But generally they grow between 25 cm and 30 cm.

  • In general, this breed is very durable and can live up to 12 years.

  • This breed has a very lovable nature and is very well balanced with children. They are alert and gentle with children, but it is important that children learn to treat the breed carefully and respect.

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