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Hybrid Breed

Dutch shepherd dog


What is an X-Herder?

The X-Herder is a modern hybrid breed that is the result of crossing specially selected working dogs, primarily from the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois lines. These dogs were bred to combine the intelligence, speed and robustness of the best livestock guarding and service dogs. Their development aimed to create a dog that could be used effectively in various types of security and protection roles, both military and private.

As an owner, you will experience the X-Herder's high trainability and strong work drive. These dogs are known for their stamina and ability to understand and carry out complex commands. Their coat is usually short to medium length and low maintenance, requiring regular brushing to keep it healthy and clean.

Early socialization and consistent, experienced training are crucial to ensure that the X-Herder uses its skills positively and remains socially stable. With the right leadership, this powerful dog will become a tireless worker and a loyal companion.

What does the "X" in X-Herder mean?

The "X" in the name "X-Herder" typically indicates a crossbreed or mix. In this context, it stands for the combination of different livestock guarding dog breeds. The aim of such crosses is often to combine certain desirable characteristics from both breeds to create a dog that is particularly efficient in certain functions such as protection, security or as a working dog. The "X" therefore symbolizes the variable and flexible nature of this crossbreed, where different "ingredients" or genetic contributions can be combined to achieve optimized results.

Alternate Name X-Hollandse Herder
Origin Netherlands
Life expectancy 11 - 13 years
Care requirements high-maintenance
Activity level average to high
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits

An X-Herder is characterized by a variety of character traits that make it particularly valuable as a working dog. Typically, these dogs are highly intelligent, alert and have a strong working instinct. Their speed and agility make them excellent candidates for security, search and rescue and police work.

They are also known for their loyalty and willingness to work closely with their human partners. An X-Herder can be very protection-oriented, which makes it an effective guard dog. At the same time, these dogs require consistent training and early socialization to ensure that their protective instincts are properly channeled and that they remain socially stable.

Due to their lineage, they are often independent and can have a dominant disposition, which requires an experienced hand in training. This combination of characteristics makes the X-Herder a versatile and highly valued working and companion dog.

Health and breeding information

The health of an X-Herder can vary greatly depending on the specific lines of the parent breeds, most commonly German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. In general, breeders should take care to minimize genetic health problems such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and hereditary eye diseases that can occur in these breeds. Regular health checks and the selection of breeding stock with good orthopedic evaluations are essential.

When breeding the X-Herder, it is important to prioritize temperament and working ability to ensure that the dogs are not only physically healthy, but also mentally stable. Responsible breeding also requires careful selection of parents to ensure that aggressive or overly fearful behaviors are not reinforced. Early socialization and extensive training of puppies is essential to promote the development of strong and balanced character traits.

The appearance of an X-Herder can vary, but tends to combine characteristics of both parent breeds - usually the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois. These dogs often show a strong build and are muscular, making them effective working and guard dogs. Their coats are usually short to medium length, and the coat color can range from black, gray, and various shades of brown to yellow and reddish-brown, often with distinctive markings.

The ears are usually erect and the eyes are alert and expressive. The tail is usually bushy and hangs down in a relaxed posture. Due to the variety in the crossbreed, some dogs may also have a longer coat that requires regular grooming to stay healthy. Overall, the X-Herder is known for its athletic build and rugged appearance.

Fur length -
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Standing Ears
Tail lang
Anatomy sporty
Size ♀ 55 - 60 cm
Weight ♀ 21 - 25 kg
Size ♂ 57 - 62 cm
Weight ♂ 23 - 27 kg
Suitable For -

Other large dogs

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