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4 tips against stress on the leash - when master, mistress and dog walk relaxed

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4 tips against stress on the leash - relax on a walk

If your four-legged friend keeps pulling on the leash while you're out walking, it's not only stressing you out, but also him. Not infrequently, certain fears or other behaviors are behind it. In this case a veterinarian should take a look at your darling.

There are also simple reasons

Maybe he is just a bit wild and wants to explore everything as fast as possible. In order to make the excursions a little more pleasant, the following four tips can help you.

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Four tips for less stress on the leash

1st tip: Communicate with your four-legged friend

Many dogs react to the behaviour of their humans. They notice when the two-legged friend is unsure of himself and reacts anxiously when other animals appear, for example. If you stay calm and show them the way, this will also rub off on them. Therefore you should communicate verbally (calming) and also non-verbally with your dogs.

Tip 2: Combine leashing with positive things

If a dog doesn't like being leashed, a very simple trick can help. So this process should always be associated with something positive. While leashing you have an open body posture, stroke the pelt nose and can also give him a treat at the beginning. The latter, however, you leave out after a few days. With time, the dog will notice that walking is not a bad thing and will then ideally get along without treats.

3rd tip: Be the alpha dog

Very anxious dogs in particular need a certain amount of protection when they leave the safety of home. Therefore you should show him that he has nothing to fear. In critical situations, hold the leash a little tighter and lead your pelt nose safely and firmly past the other dog. In this way she will see that you always have everything under control and that she can rely on you. Simply said, you do everything to protect your darling. In the long run, you will be able to get him out of the habit of pulling on the leash and you will both have less stress on walks.

4th tip: Reward correct behaviour

If your dog has a lot of stress on the leash and with time the first progress shows, you should praise him extensively. This will also show him that he has done something right. This way you will soon be able to go for a relaxed walk with your dog on a loose leash. Of course, you can also pet and cuddle your friend while praising him.

In some cases, a so-called Halti is also used to get dogs out of the habit of pulling on the leash.

Summary: less stress when walking:

  • Communicate with your four-legged friend

  • Connect the leash with positive things

  • Be the alpha dog

  • Reward correct behavior(clicker training could also be helpful here to really reward selectively!)

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