Peruvian naked dog

Peruvian naked dog Breed description: Character & Co

Peruvian naked dog

Life expectancy
12 - 16

The Peruvian Naked Dog, a fascinating and elegant dog breed, has its roots in ancient Peru. Characterized by their hairless appearance and loyal, alert qualities, this breed attracts many lovers. Below, we explore the history and origins of this unique breed, examine its distinctive traits and temperaments, and provide useful tips for caring for and raising Peruvian Naked Dogs.

Origin & History: The Fascinating Journey of the Peruvian Naked Dog.

The origin and history of the Peruvian Naked Dog is fascinating and goes way back in time. This unique breed of dog originated in Peru and was revered by pre-Incan cultures such as the Mochica and Chimu. Archaeological findings, such as ceramics and wall paintings, prove the existence of these dogs over 2000 years ago.

Historically, Peruvian naked dogs served as faithful companions, reliable guard dogs, and even as shrines in religious ceremonies. They were considered a sign of status and prestige and were kept as pets by nobles and aristocrats. Their unique appearance, marked by hairless skin, made them a breed of great importance in the culture and history of the region.

Over the centuries, Peruvian naked dogs survived different eras and cultures, including the Inca civilization and the Spanish colonial period. Today, they are an important part of Peru's cultural heritage and are valued as pets not only in their native country, but also around the world. The Peruvian Naked Dog is a living testament to the rich and diverse history of South America and fascinates dog lovers around the world.

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Peruvian naked dog on rocks, dog breed, mountains, fog, Peru Peruvian naked dog on green rock, dog breed, mountain, Peru Peruvian naked dog brown on street Peruvian hairless dog on grass
Alternate Name Perro sin Pelo del Perú, Inca Dog, Peruvian Xoloitzcuintle
Origin Peru
Life expectancy 12 - 16 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average to high
FCI group Primitive type
AKC group Miscellaneous Group
KC group not recognised

Character traits of this special breed

The Peruvian Naked Dog captivates not only with its exotic appearance, but also with its endearing character traits. This particular breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty and alertness. They are considered to be affectionate and sensitive, which makes them ideal companions for their owners.

Peruvian Naked Dogs are also very alert and have a strong protective instinct. They adapt well to different living conditions and can cope in both urban and rural areas. Despite their reserved nature towards strangers, they show affection and cuddliness towards their families. With patient and consistent training, the Peruvian Naked Dog will develop into a loyal and consistent friend for life.

Socialization, education and training

Socialization, education and training of the Peruvian Naked Dog are critical to bringing out the best qualities of this special breed. Early socialization helps to reduce fearfulness and promotes trust in people and other animals.

Patience and consistency are required when raising the Peruvian Naked Dog. They respond well to positive reinforcement and rewards. Training should be playful and varied to encourage their intelligence and willingness to learn.

Peruvian Naked Dogs are also suitable for dog sports such as agility or obedience. With a loving but firm hand, they will develop into well-mannered and balanced companions who will accompany and protect their owners wherever they go.


Peruvian Naked Dog Health and Care: Tips for a happy dog life

The particular nature of the Peruvian Naked Dog's skin requires special attention in its care. Here are some important aspects:

  1. Skin care: regular cleansing and moisturizing are essential to prevent skin irritation and dryness.
  2. Sun protection: Since they do not have a protective coat cover, naked dogs need sun protection to prevent sunburn and skin damage.
  3. Dental Care: This breed is prone to dental problems. Regular dental care and checkups with a veterinarian are important.
  4. Diet: A balanced, species-appropriate diet contributes to the dog's health and well-being.

Overall, Peruvian Naked Dogs are a hardy breed. However, regular visits to the veterinarian are necessary to detect and treat possible health problems at an early stage.

Peruvian naked dog portrait

The Peruvian Naked Dog attracts attention with its distinctive appearance and interesting breed characteristics. The following aspects give this breed its unique charm:

  • Hairlessness: the main attraction of this breed is undoubtedly its hairless skin, which is smooth and warm to the touch. However, there are also hairy varieties within the breed, and their coats are usually short and dense.
  • Color Variety: The skin color of the Peruvian Naked Dog varies from light pinks to dark grays and may have spots or patterns. Their richness of color makes each dog of this breed an individual work of art.
  • Build: Peruvian Naked Dogs have an athletic and elegant build, with long legs and a narrow, deep chest. Their supple musculature gives them a harmonious appearance and allows for quick, flowing movements.
  • Head and Face: The head of the Peruvian Naked Dog is wedge-shaped, with large, erect ears and almond-shaped eyes that give an alert and intelligent expression. The muzzle is long and straight, and the stop is only slightly pronounced.

Peruvian Naked Dogs come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The size varies between 25 cm and 65 cm shoulder height, and the weight between 4 and 25 kg. This variety makes it possible to find the right dog for every taste and lifestyle.

The average size and weight of male and female Peruvian Naked Dogs are as follows:

  • Small size: males weigh between 4-8 kg and are 25-40 cm tall, females weigh between 3-7 kg and are 25-40 cm tall.
  • Medium size: males weigh between 8-12 kg and are 40-50 cm tall, females weigh between 8-11 kg and are 35-45 cm tall.
  • Large size: males weigh between 12-25 kg and are 50-65 cm tall, females weigh between 10-20 kg and are 50-60 cm tall.

Despite their hairless appearance, Peruvian Naked Dogs exude grace and strength and are fascinating for their unique appearance. Their majestic stance and exotic appearance make them an exceptional and admirable breed of dog.

Fur length -
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Standing Ears
Tail lang
Anatomy muscular, sporty
Size ♀ 25 - 60 cm
Weight ♀ 3 - 20 kg
Size ♂ 25 - 65 cm
Weight ♂ 4 - 25 kg
Suitable For -
  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Eye diseases

    Often occur with allergies and intolerances.

  • Tartar

    If dogs don't get a good food or sugary food, tartar can quickly appear.

  • Skin inflammations

    Can be hereditary in certain breeds.

  • A Peruvian Naked Dog is a breed of dog native to Peru, also known as Peruvian Inca Dog or Perro sin Pelo del Perú due to its lack of fur.

  • Peruvian naked dogs come in three different size varieties: Small, Medium and Large. The size varies from 25 to 65 cm and the weight from 3 to 25 kg.

  • Peruvian naked dogs are known to be easier to care for compared to many other dog breeds, as they do not have fur. However, they do require special care to keep their skin healthy and protected from sunburn.

  • Peruvian Naked Dogs have moderate to high activity levels and require regular exercise and activity to stay healthy and comfortable. Daily walks and outdoor playtime are recommended.

  • Yes, Peruvian Naked Dogs are generally child-friendly and can be good companions for families. However, they should always be kept under supervision when interacting with children.

  • Peruvian Naked Dogs can be left alone as long as they are accustomed to being alone and are given enough exercise and activity. A longer period of time alone should be avoided.

  • Peruvian Naked Dogs can be intelligent and eager to learn, but they can also be stubborn and have a mind of their own. A consistent and positive training method can help train them successfully.

  • The average life expectancy of Peruvian Naked Dogs is between 12 and 14 years. However, some dogs of this breed can live up to 16 or 17 years.

  • Peruvian naked dogs can suffer from various health problems such as skin problems, dental problems, and hip dysplasia. Regular veterinary examinations and proper care can help maintain their health.

  • Peruvian naked dogs are a good choice for many people with allergies because they do not have fur. However, they can still produce dander and saliva that can trigger allergies.

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