Hybrid Breed

Shiba Inu + Pomeranian


Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mix - a hybrid breed.

There is nothing cuter than a mix of Pomeranian and Shiba Inu! These little dogs are full of energy and love to play. They also make great snuggles and loyal companions.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

The Pomeranian-Shiba-Inu mix is a small to medium sized dog. They typically weigh between 3 and 7 kg and have a shoulder height of 20 to 30 cm. They have a dense, double coat that can be either smooth or wavy. The most common coat colors are black and tan or red and white. They have a wedge-shaped head with erect ears and dark, almond-shaped eyes. Their tail is carried curled over their back.

Alternate Name -
Origin Japan - Germany
Life expectancy 12 - 16 years
Care requirements low-maintenance - high-maintenance
Activity level average - low
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mix - Such is probably his nature.

Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mixes are small, intelligent dogs that make excellent pets. They are independent and playful and can be friendly with other dogs and cats. Pomeranian and Shiba-Inu mixes are usually loyal and affectionate to their family and make good watchdogs. They need moderate exercise and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

Pomeranian and Shiba-Inu mixes are descended from two of Asia's most popular dog breeds. The Pomeranian is a toy dog breed that originated in Germany, while the Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed. Originally, these dogs were bred for different purposes - the Pomeranian as a companion dog and the Shiba Inu as a hunting dog - but today they are both popular pets worldwide.

Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mixes can inherit the best of both parents - the small size and friendly nature of the Pomeranian and the intelligence and independence of the Shiba Inu. These dogs are usually very active and playful and make excellent companions for families with children. They need daily exercise, but two-three walks and a play session are sufficient.

Pomeranian and Shiba-Inu mixes are relatively easy to train and learn tricks and commands quickly. They are known to be very food motivated, so treats as a reward can be an effective method of training. Like all dogs, they need to be socialized from a young age to ensure they are comfortable interacting with other people and animals.

If you are looking for a small, intelligent and active dog that will be a loyal and loving companion, a Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mix could be the perfect pet for you!

What diseases can occur in Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mix.

Crosses between Pomeranian and Shiba Inu are not very common, but they do exist. Since both parent breeds are relatively healthy, it is likely that the Pomeranian-Shiba Inu mix is also a healthy dog. However, there are some health problems that have occurred with this cross.

One of the most common health problems in Pomeranian-Shiba Inu mixes is patellar luxation. This is a condition where the kneecap pops out of position. It is usually not painful, but can be uncomfortable for the dog. It can be treated surgically, but in many dogs this is not necessary.

Another health problem that has occurred in Pomeranian-Shiba Inu mixes is von Willebrand disease. This is a blood clotting disorder that can be dangerous if not treated. It is important to diagnose von Willebrand disease early so it can be treated.

Overall, Pomeranian-Shiba Inu mixes are relatively healthy dogs. However, there are some health problems that have occurred with this cross. If you are considering a Pomeranian-Shiba Inu mix, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about the risks of these health disorders.

The Pomeranian-Shiba-Inu mix has soft, dense fur that is either black, brown or tan. The undercoat is white or cream. The coat is medium to long in length and requires regular grooming.

Fur length medium - long
Fur - flat coated
Ear shape Standing Ears
Tail rolled up
Anatomy rugged, hefty, slim, square
Size ♀ 12 - 41 cm
Weight ♀ 2 - 9 kg
Size ♂ 17 - 43 cm
Weight ♂ 2 - 11 kg
Suitable For Seniors, Seniors
  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Elbow dysplasia (ED)

    Elbow joint dysplasia is a chronic disease complex of the elbow joint of fast growing dog breeds.

  • Numbness

    Often occurs in old age.

  • Heart disease

    Can occur frequently in dogs and can sometimes be treated with medication.

  • Eye infections

    Chronic eye infections can be very painful in dogs and can be treated with medication. In rare cases, the cornea must be treated.

  • Patellar luxation

    Patellar luxation is the term used to describe a displacement of the kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs.

  • A mix of Pomeranian and Shiba Inu can weigh between 3 and 7 kg and they have a shoulder height of 20 to 30 cm.

  • A mix of Pomeranian and Shiba Inu can live from 12 to 15 years.

  • Yes, Pomeranians and Shiba Inus usually get along very well. They are both small breeds known for being affectionate and loving.

  • A Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mix can have either a short, dense coat or a long, fluffy coat. The coat is either black, brown, red or white in color.

  • No, Pomeranian and Shiba-Inu mixes are not hypoallergenic. They shed, so they are not very suitable for allergy sufferers.

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