Hybrid Breed

Havanese + Pomeranian


The Ewokian - a hybrid breed

The Havanese and the Pomeranian are two popular breeds that are becoming more popular lately. They are small, intelligent and love to interact with people. Both breeds are very affectionate and playful, but the Pomeranian is usually a bit more alert than the Havanese. However, the Havanese is also a very sweet, good-natured breed that can bring a lot of love, kindness and loyalty to their owners. Both breeds require regular brushing, but the Pomeranian also needs more attention to keep its coat healthy. Both breeds have a soft, curly coat and can blend in easily, making them the perfect compact pet.

Alternate Name Havapom
Origin Cuba - Germany
Life expectancy 12 - 16 years
Care requirements high-maintenance
Activity level low
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of the Ewokian - Such is probably his nature.

The Havanese-Pomeranian mixed breed dog, or Havapom, is a fun and energetic little breed that is perfect as a family pet. These cute dogs are intelligent, playful, loving and extremely loyal. Most Ewokians have a pleasant temperament and are very affectionate. They like to have company, but they are not shy and tend to trust people.

Havapoms are sociable, but also very confident dogs. They can learn well if they are taught what to do consistently and lovingly. But if not handled with clear boundaries and rules, they can become unpredictable. That's why owners need to be responsible with these dogs and set up husbandry rules.

They alsoneed a lot of exercise and the opportunity to let off steam. They love to play, run and wander. In addition, it is important to socialize them well in public so they get along well with other people and animals.

Overall, the Ewokian is an intelligent and lovable breed that can be a fun and loyal pet. With proper training, care, and interaction, it can be a wonderful companion to enjoy for many years to come.

What diseases can occur in the Ewokian?

Havanese-Pomeranian hybrids are popular crossbreeds that are attractive to many people because they combine the best traits of their parents. While they are usually healthy and hardy, they are also prone to some diseases that need to be watched out for.

A common problem with this hybrid breed is heart disease. Some of the most commonly diagnosed problems are mitral regurgitation, leiomyomatosis, cardiomyopathy and atrial myxoma. These conditions can be diagnosed early with regular heart exams at the veterinarian.

Another common problem is caused by a congenital eye disease called keratectasia. Usually occurring in younger animals, this condition can cause the cornea of the eye to deform into an irregular shape. There are also other eye diseases, such as glaucoma or retinopathy, that are more common in this crossbreed than in other breeds. Therefore, a dog that has such a sign should be examined quickly by a veterinarian.

Respiratory problems can also occur in this crossbreed. Some of the most common problems are bronchitis, pneumonia, and allergic reactions. Symptoms often associated with these conditions include nasal discharge, coughing, shortness of breath or seizures. If these signs occur, a veterinarian should be consulted.

Other possible diseases in Havanese-Pomeranian crossbreeds include luxation disease inherited from the parent breed. Luxation is a compound and should be carefully monitored and treated to prevent progressive damage to the joints.

There are also some immunological problems that can occur in them. These include autoimmune diseases such as pemphigus foliaceus and immunodeficient disorders that require immunosuppression.

Although these diseases are common in Ewokians, it should be stressed that regular vet visits are crucial to maintaining your dog's health and catching any problems early.

The Ewokian is a very interesting and unique combination of these two breeds. The Havanese-Pomeranian's coat is silky and elongated, although some hair tips are curlier and bushier than others. It has a very soft fluff and is usually long and dense enough to look like an undercoat in some areas.

There are many different color variations of the Ewokian, but the usual shade is a light red ending in a tan to brown tone. Many different colors are possible, from cream to apricot, black, silver, and blue tints. Some shades are very light, while others are more dark. Some also have white patches on their coats, which contribute to the fluttery characteristics of the coat. In general, light and dark colors are well mixed, giving the Havanese-Pomeranian a unique look.

What are breed characteristics of this mixed breed?

A Havanese-Pomeranian mix has a petite and soft, long-haired coat that is usually up to 10 inches long. They are also very compact and generally weigh 2 - 3 kg and are usually about 15 - 20 cm tall. The ears are usually smaller than in other breeds and there is little difference between the tail and the back. It is common for them to have a large amount of energy, which allows them to move quickly. They have a broad face, with almond-shaped eyes and most Havanese-Pomeranian hybrids have a pose-shaped head.

Fur length medium - long
Fur wavy - flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear - Standing Ears
Tail fanned out - rolled up
Anatomy -
Size ♀ 12 - 27 cm
Weight ♀ 2 - 7 kg
Size ♂ 17 - 27 cm
Weight ♂ 2 - 7 kg
Suitable For Beginner, Seniors, Seniors
  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Elbow dysplasia (ED)

    Elbow joint dysplasia is a chronic disease complex of the elbow joint of fast growing dog breeds.

  • Numbness

    Often occurs in old age.

  • Heart disease

    Can occur frequently in dogs and can sometimes be treated with medication.

  • Eye infections

    Chronic eye infections can be very painful in dogs and can be treated with medication. In rare cases, the cornea must be treated.

  • Patellar luxation

    Patellar luxation is the term used to describe a displacement of the kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs.

  • An Ewokian is a cross between a Havanese and a Pomeranian.

  • An Ewokian usually weighs 2 - 3 kg and is usually about 15 - 20 cm high.

  • Ewokians often have a combination of brown, blond, black or gray hair.

  • These mixed breeds are generally very loyal, gentle, intelligent and playful. They are sociable and enjoy participating in activities.

  • Yes, regular training sessions are very important to encourage the right behaviors.

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