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Skiing with a dog - unforgettable moments in the snow

If you like skiing, you probably want to take your dog with you: Skiing with a dog - this is how to do it.

Skiing with a dog - unforgettable moments in the snow

Snow-covered winter landscapes, endless pistes or perfectly prepared cross-country trails: for many sports enthusiasts, a skiing holiday is one of the highlights of the year. What could be more natural for dog owners than to experience the adventure together with their beloved four-legged friend?

Skiing with a dog: Is that even possible?

To waggle down the steep slope with short swings and then to conquer the last section of the piste in a rapid dash makes every sportsman's heart beat faster. Imagine that you are not alone. At your side, your faithful dog is plunging into the depths, giving its all to keep up with you. It looks quite puzzled and doesn't understand why his master and mistress have suddenly turned on the turbo. The joy is all the greater when your four-legged friend catches up with you at the end.

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As inspiring as this dream may be, unfortunately it cannot be fulfilled in our latitudes. Because all ski slopes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are taboo for dogs. The reason for this is obvious: During the descent, the four-legged friends become an incalculable risk for other skiers. Frightened people may fall when out of the blue a large ball of fur jumps around them. The worst case scenario is a collision with a dog that unexpectedly dashes into the trail.

The situation is similar when cross-country skiing. Although the risk of an accident is not as great as in downhill skiing, other problems arise. First and foremost, there is the risk of four-legged friends soiling the track or damaging it while playing. That's why you can't usually take your dog with you when cross-country skiing. However, there are a few exceptions. If there are wide running surfaces (so-called skating tracks), peaceful dogs are sometimes allowed to accompany their owners.

For deep snow fetishists, we have some happy news: there are no prohibitions for your faithful friends on a ski tour through untouched snow. Skiing off-piste requires a lot of strength and skill - and not only from the dog. If you really want to embark on such an adventure, you should be good and experienced skiers.

Which ski areas are suitable for dogs?

Despite the restrictions, four-legged friends are welcome guests far from the slopes and trails at many ski resorts. Chasing snowballs and romping around in the white splendour is great fun for every furry nose. Winter holidays are also a great opportunity to build trust between you and your best friend.

Some of the most popular activities to do with dogs include:

  • long walks
  • snowshoe hikes in the snowy countryside
  • tobogganing with the dog
  • horseback rides on rented horses

It's best to check out which ski resorts offer your favourite activities for dogs before booking. To ensure that the holiday is really relaxing for dog and owner, there are a few things to bear in mind. Your four-legged friend should be of the size and physical condition to cope with longer distances in the snow. For older or ill dogs the whole can become fast to a big strain. Who takes its fur nose with in the ski vacation, would like to climb in between also times on the boards. But what do you do with your beloved pet during this time?

Still only a few ski centers offer a full-day dog care. Some owners leave their four-legged friend alone in the accommodation for a few hours. If the dog does not panic and does not fall victim to him the inventory of the apartment, this variant may be practicable for hard-boiled. It is better to hire a dog sitter for the planned absence. Ideally, you already take care of a suitable accommodation including the care for your four-legged friend. Because only with the right planning will skiing with your dog be a great experience for everyone.

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