Tricolor dogs we love

Tricolor dogs are characterized by their distinctive coat, which consists of three different colors. Often this color pattern combines black, brown and white. Such dogs are found in many breeds and are often prized for their striking and attractive coat pattern. This color combination can be both genetic and the result of breeding goals.

The colorful trio: dog breeds with tri-colored coats

When you think of dogs, there is one color combination that is often considered particularly striking and attractive: the tri-color coat. The interplay of black, brown and white - or variations of these tones - gives many dog breeds a unique look. But which breeds sport this particular color pattern? Let's take a look at some of the most popular tri-color dog breeds.

Why tricolored? The genetic basis for the tri-colored coat is fascinating. It takes a combination of specific genes to produce this pattern. In many breeds, the tri-color pattern is the result of selective breeding efforts over generations.


Dog, plant, collar, carnivore, grass, dog breed, companion dog, fawn, dog accessories, dog collar, Depositphotos / 5seconds

The Beagle is a medium-sized dog breed, known for its characteristic tri-color coat. Black often dominates the back, while brown accents the legs and eye area. White adorns the chest, paws, tail tip and often the face. 

Originally bred in Britain for rabbit hunting, the Beagle is characterized by a keen sense of smell and a friendly nature. The color combination of black, brown and white is genetic and makes the Beagle one of the most striking dogs in the playground. Despite its diversity in color patterns and shades, the tri-color pattern remains the symbolic image of the Beagle. It embodies the historical and genetic depth of this popular breed.


Dog,carnivore,dog breed,companion dog,grass,muzzle,sniffer dog,plant,sporting group,hunting dog, Depositphotos / art_man

The Basset Hound, known for its drooping ears and melancholy eyes, often presents itself in a striking tri-color coat. This pattern usually combines black, brown and white, with black usually dominating the back, brown accenting the ears and face, and white found on the chest and paws. Originally bred in France for drag hunting, the Basset is characterized by a remarkable sense of smell. 

Its coat is not only an ornament, but also provides protection during hunting excursions. The three-color pattern gives the Basset a distinctive appearance and highlights its distinctive body shapes. This play of colors reflects the elegance and heritage of this unique breed of dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, taken in spring. Depositphotos / Bigandt

The Bernese Mountain Dog, often referred to simply as the "Bernese", is a majestic breed characterized by its distinctive tri-color coat. Typically, this coat combines black as the main color, with distinctive brown markings on the eyes, cheeks and legs, and white on the chest, paws and forehead. The origins of this Swiss working dog are deeply rooted in the Alpine country, where it originally served as a draft and herding dog. Its dense, medium-length coat provides protection from alpine weather conditions. 

The characteristic tri-color pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also enhances the Bernese's powerful appearance. This color combination, along with his gentle and loyal nature, makes the Bernese Mountain Dog one of the most popular and recognizable dog breeds in the world.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in foliage on meadow Depositphotos / mashiki

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, often referred to simply as the "Cavalier", is a small, graceful dog breed known for its warm eyes and soft, silky coat. One of the most notable coat patterns is the "tricolor" - a combination of black, brown and white. Here, the black often covers most of the body, the brown stands out around the eyes and on the paws, and the white often extends across the chest and face. 

Originally from Great Britain, this spaniel was a favorite of the nobility, particularly King Charles II, for whom the breed is named. The Cavalier's tri-color coat, coupled with his affectionate and playful nature, makes him a desirable family member. His colors and patterns not only accentuate his beauty, but also reflect the rich heritage of this aristocratic dog breed.


A cute chihuahua lying on a pet bed Depositphotos / graphicphoto

The Chihuahua, recognized worldwide as the smallest dog breed, often surprises with its variety of colors, including the tri-color variety. A tri-colored Chihuahua usually combines black, brown and white in its coat, although the color distribution varies. The black may cover the back, while brown and white stand out on the face, belly and paws. 

Despite their small size, Chihuahuas have a strong personality and are known for their lively and sometimes impetuous nature. The tri-color coat pattern gives these small companions an eye-catching appearance that adds to their charming presence. Originally from Mexico, this breed has captured the hearts of many with its striking appearance and great character. The tri-color pattern adds an extra dimension of uniqueness and elegance to the Chihuahua.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Big Beautiful Dog Great Swiss Mountain Dog Depositphotos / SkSirius

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog, often known as the "Big Swiss", is an impressive and robust breed that is most notable for its distinctive tri-colored coat. The coat combines black as the dominant color with brown markings on the eyes, cheeks and legs, as well as white elements on the chest, paws and forehead. 

This coloration not only gives the breed a striking appearance, but also reflects its origins as a working dog in the Swiss Alps. Originally used as a draft and guard dog, its dense coat provides it with protection from the harsh weather conditions of its homeland. The tri-color pattern of the Great Swiss is a distinctive mark of the breed, emphasizing its powerful stature and versatile working ability, while also highlighting its friendly and loyal nature.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebuch mountain dog walks on a night city summer Depositphotos / averyanova

The Entlebuch Mountain Dog, the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs, stands out for its distinctive tri-color coat. This striking pattern is composed of black as the base color, combined with brown markings on the eyes, cheeks and legs, and white markings on the chest, paws and often a "blaze" on the forehead. 

The Entlebucher was originally bred for herding cattle in the Swiss Alps and is known for its intelligence, energy and loyalty. Its compact appearance is accentuated by its tri-colored coat, which emphasizes its athletic constitution and alertness. Despite his working past, the Entlebucher has found a firm place today as a loyal family dog. The characteristic tri-color pattern not only serves as a reminder of his alpine origins, but also highlights the unique beauty and character of this special breed.


Horizontal portrait of Basenji breed dog with short hair in tricolor black, white and red color, standing outdoor with green background in summer. Depositphotos / TatyanaBelka

The Basenji, also known as the "barkless dog", is a unique and ancient dog breed that has its roots in central Africa. One of the most striking color variations of this sleek and elegant dog is the tri-color pattern. The coat of a tri-color Basenji typically features a combination of black, brown (or tan), and white. While the black often covers the back and parts of the head, brown markings stand out on the eyes, cheeks and legs. White is usually found on the chest, belly, paws, and end of the tail.

The Basenji is known not only for its lack of barking, but also for its curiosity and intelligence. The tri-color pattern adds beauty and uniqueness to the already impressive appearance of the Basenji. It accentuates the toned, muscular stature and graceful lines of this special dog and highlights its exotic origins.


Healthy pedigree dog photographed outside in nature on a sunny day. Depositphotos / Bigandt

The Sheltie, officially known as the Shetland Sheepdog, is a small to medium-sized dog with a distinctive appearance that is often accentuated by its tri-color coat. This coat pattern usually combines black, brown (or tan), and white. Black often covers most of the body, while brown shows on the eyes, cheeks, and legs. White appears on the chest, neck, paws, and often the face. Originally from the Shetland Islands, the Sheltie was used for herding sheep. Its dense, long coat protects it from the harsh climate of its native land. 

The tri-color pattern gives the Sheltie a striking and elegant appearance that highlights his grace and agility. Coupled with his intelligence and loyal character, the special coat pattern makes him one of the most iconic and popular dogs in the world.

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