Cockerbull:Cocker Spaniel and English Bulldog Mix

Hybrid Breed

Cocker Spaniel + English Bulldog


The Cockerbull - A cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the English Bulldog.

The Cockerbull, also called the "Cocker Bulldog", is an adorable mixed breed dog created by crossing the Cocker Spaniel and the English Bulldog . This unique hybrid breed combines the charming personality of the Cocker Spaniel with the strong stature of the English Bulldog. Although the Cockerbull is not a recognized breed dog , it is gaining popularity due to its endearing nature and unique appearance.

Use and Suitability

The Cockerbull is known for its adaptability and is suitable for a variety of living conditions. These dogs are often friendly, playful and loyal. They can be good family dogs and also get along well with other pets. The Cockerbull can thrive in both apartments and houses, as long as they get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

Alternate Name Cocker Bulldog
Origin England - UK
Life expectancy 10 - 17 years
Care requirements high-maintenance - low-maintenance
Activity level average - low
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Cocker Spaniel and English Bulldog mix - Such is probably his nature.

The Cockerbull is often intelligent and can have a good grasp of things. This trait is inherited from both the Cocker Spaniel and the English Bulldog. As a result, the Cockerbull can usually learn quickly and understand commands well. Another possible character trait of the Cockerbull is its adaptability. Because of the mix of the Cocker Spaniel, which is known for its adaptability, and the English Bulldog, which often has a calm nature, the Cockerbull can adapt well to different living conditions. It can do well in both apartments and houses.

The Cockerbull can also be a loving and loyal companion. Both the Cocker Spaniel and the English Bulldog are known for their ability to bond and their devotion to their owners. The Cockerbull can inherit these traits and develop a strong bond with its people.

Since the Cockerbull is a mix of two different breeds, different traits and behaviors can occur. It is important to note that each dog is an individual and may have its own unique characteristics. The actual character traits of a Cockerbull may also depend on individual factors such as breeding, socialization, and environment.

What diseases can occur in Cocker Spaniel and English Bulldog mix.

The care of the cocker bull depends on the type of coat. Here are some important aspects of the Cockerbull's grooming:

  • Brushing: Regular brushing is important to remove loose fur and prevent matting. The frequency of brushing depends on the length and texture of the coat.
  • Bathing: The Cockerbull should be bathed as needed to remove dirt and odors. The use of mild dog shampoos is recommended.
  • Ear and Eye Care: The ears should be checked regularly for cleanliness and signs of infection. Eyes should be checked for possible irritation or discharge.
  • Dental Hygiene: The Cockerbull's teeth should be cleaned regularly to prevent dental problems. Regular chewing of tooth-cleaning toys may help.
  • Activity and Exercise: The Cockerbull needs adequate exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. Regular walks, playtime and mental stimulation are important.

In terms of health, mixed breed dogs like the Cockerbull may benefit from greater genetic diversity and be less prone to breed-specific diseases. However, it is important to note potential health problems that may be present in the parent breeds. These may include respiratory problems, skin allergies or eye problems. Regular veterinary examinations, a balanced diet and adequate exercise are critical to ensure the Cockerbull's health.

Appearance The Cockerbull can vary in appearance and build, as it is a mixture of two different breeds. In general, however, we can say that the Cockerbull can have the following characteristics:

  • Build: the Cockerbull usually has a medium to large build with a muscular stature. His body is compact and robust.
  • Head: The head may show characteristics of both the English Bulldog and the Cocker Spaniel. It may be broad and strong, with possible wrinkling in the facial area.
  • Ears: The ears may be long and drooping, similar to the Cocker Spaniel.
  • Coat: The coat may vary according to the genetic dominance of the parent breeds. It may be short or medium length and have a smooth or slightly wavy texture. The color of the coat may have several variations, including solid or pied.
  • Tail: The tail may be medium to short in length and is usually carried straight.
Fur length medium - short
Fur wavy - flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail fanned out - stubby
Anatomy dainty, muscular, massive, square, hefty
Size ♀ 31 - 41 cm
Weight ♀ 12 - 35 kg
Size ♂ 31 - 43 cm
Weight ♂ 13 - 23 kg
Suitable For -
  • Epilepsy

    Definition: Dog has epilepsy if, for example, at least two epileptic seizures occur more than 24 hours apart.

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

    Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a slowly progressive death of the retina in dogs.

  • Eye diseases

    Often occur with allergies and intolerances.

  • Skin inflammations

    Can be hereditary in certain breeds.

  • Heart disease

    Can occur frequently in dogs and can sometimes be treated with medication.

  • Breathing problems

    Dogs with shortened muzzles can often experience respiratory problems.

  • A Cocker Bulldog can reach a weight of 8 to 30 kg, depending on the size and sex of the dog.

  • The Cocker Bulldog is a loyal, loving companion and very affectionate, but also lively and energetic. The breed is intelligent and easy to train.

  • A Cocker Bulldog should be fed twice daily to ensure a healthy diet.

  • Since the Cockerbull can have a long mane of hair, it is recommended to trim it every 6-8 weeks to keep it looking groomed.

  • As the Cocker Bulldog continues to excel in dog sports, it is important that he receives regular exercise and physical activity. A Cocker Bulldog needs at least 30 minutes of training and exercise per day.

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